Who We Are

With over 15 years of experience providing professional lawn care, landscape maintenance, and creative landscape design, we provide high quality residential and commercial services tailored to the individual client's needs. Look no further – Altitude Landscapes is reliable, efficient and will always work until the job has been completed at the most professional level.

Why We're Unique

Altitude Landscapes has a proprietary process that allows us to start with your vision for what you’re trying to accomplish and then work backward from there into the designs, materials and execution to bring your vision to life.

Altitude Landscapes has access to and connections with some of the highest quality landscaping materials available in the Colorado market. With a high emphasis on quality materials and customized plans, Altitude Landscapes brings together the perfect recipe for your future project.

Our Process

Here’s a quick breakdown of the key elements of our process from start to finish.

Understanding Your Vision

At Altitude Landscapes, we believe that understanding your unique vision for your property is where our work begins. Asking the right questions to fully understand what you are trying to accomplish is of the utmost importance to finishing a project successfully.

Providing a Detailed Quote

Once we are clear on what you are trying to do, we will go back and take a detailed look at the cost of materials and labor needed to accomplish your project. A scope of work document will be built providing a clear layout of the cost to complete the project. This will be delivered in a timely manner within a few days of meeting with you.

Execution of Work

At Altitude Landscapes, we are not afraid to roll up our sleeves. Hard physical labor is at the base of what makes our projects happen quickly and efficiently. Our knowledgeable crews will show up with a clear understanding of what is needed and make the job happen.

Organizing Materials and Labor Schedules

Once the quote and scope of work has been reviewed, Altitude Landscapes will get to work, gathering high quality materials and organizing the labor schedules of our knowledgeable landscape technicians. Materials will be delivered and a scheduled start time will be communicated with you.

Finalized Walkthrough and Sign Off of All Work Rendered

Upon completion of the work, there will be a finalized walkthrough of all work rendered and once the client is satisfied, final payment will be issued. A work completion form will be signed and provided to both the client and Altitude Landscapes upon commencement of the project.